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A term used in the World of Warcraft when you disconnect on the elevators going down to the Undercity. Short slang for 'Elevator Down Syndrome'
Person 1: Did he just leave?
Person 2: I don't know man.
Person 3: Sorry about that guys.
Person 1: What happened?
Person 3: My EDS kicked in so I had to log back in.
by Assar January 26, 2008
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E.D.S.- The euphoric state that a party reaches when all of the males in attendance are having a great time and end up gyrating in a manner so their genitalia rotate. Basically, Everybody Dick Swinging!
by rudebro August 12, 2010
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Explosive Diarrhea Syndrome. The artistic pattern of brown splatter against a white porcelain canvas.
-Damn someone dominated that toilet. Someone must be suffering from a very sever case of E.D.S.
by T.J. Dubz September 02, 2011
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First known usage at 'The Sky Office', Melbourne, in 2012.
Eds refer to the eyeballs, commonly used by 'trippers' and 'degenerate youth'.

The word derived from a group with the inability to speak literate English once extra crispy.

In conversation, the word 'eds' may be used to ask how ones eyeballs looked after a large consumption of beugs.
"Oi man, how are my eds lookin'?"
by Mr Beug October 05, 2012
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richie toizer’s nickname for eddie kaspbrak in the book it, because richie fucking loves eddie. reddie is real.
man, he hated it when richie called him eds...but he had sort of liked it too.
you know i hate it when you call me eds!
by soupboi November 10, 2019
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